How the home restaurant and social eating works


How to host a home restaurant event

  • Create your home restaurant

    Create your home restaurant

    Create your menu’, upload amazing photos of the food you prepare and your location, decide price to ask your guests, when and where you want organise the event: we will verify that your home restaurant event is compliant with our quality standards and let you know when it is published.
  • Be ready to host

    Be ready to host

    You are always in control of people you will host at your events: you can always check their profiles and contact them, even before deciding to accept their booking requests. After having accepted the request just focus on preparing your home restaurant event: food, location, smile … mix these 3 ingredients for an event with vibes!
  • Enjoy the rewards

    Enjoy the rewards

    The rewards of an event well done are multiple: now you have new friends, your home restaurant event receives great feedbacks and becomes popular among the community, you get paid for the event you hosted. 


How to participate in a home restaurant event

  • Find an event nearby

    Find an event nearby

    Search a home restaurant close to you, clarify in advance any doubt with the host, and send him/her a request for booking. When the host accepts your request, we will notify you with the address of the location and will confirm the booking by charging your credit card.
  • Eat … with vibes

    Eat … with vibes

    Home restaurant and social eating events are unique innovative experiences made of interesting locations, authentic food, and the joy of sharing a meal with fellow food lovers. With Us you will not just have a meal, you will start eating with vibes!
  • Enjoy an experience that remains

    Enjoy an experience that remains

    A home restaurant and social eating experience does not finish with the event: people you have met are now part of your life. Share with them your passion, cultivate common interests, and why not … invite them to your next home restaurant event.