Who we are? People with a passion, like you!

When we thought of how to present EatVibe and present who we are we had different ideas … but on one point we all agreed on: we didn’t want to present EatVibe as a Company.

Because to us EatVibe is not a company, not just a company at least.

EatVibe is instead a story of people, and wants to grow to become the story of a community, a large one!

It is the result of a vision: creating something that will make you enjoy a great meal while meeting new friendly people, or, to reverse the order, getting to know peers with your same interests and passion with the underlying vibrations of some genuine food.

It is the dream of the founder, Domenico, who, when he takes off his clothes of engineer, enjoys gathering his friends together around a table and cooking for them his favourite food, pasta in every possible declination.

EatVibe is the effort of a team that has been working on the project for months.

It is an idea stemmed from the contamination of two cultures: the open-minded attitude of British people that meets the welcoming Italian approach, the Anglo Saxon openness towards new social experiences that embraces the authenticity of tastes like the ones from the Mediterranean cuisine.

It is the return to traditions, when your parents, grandparents, ancestors, all used to gather sharing a meal, and this was the centre of their social life: food not as an end itself but as a means to create and reinforce the sense of community … a dimension more and more disappearing from our hectic cities that cannot get lost.

EatVibe is rediscovering testes that are jealously preserved by few, while meeting strangers who could become your next best friends, work partners, soul mates …

This is ultimately my story …

This is ultimately your story …

Because EatVibe is simply the story of a meal and people that will bring you vibes … Let's write it together!